Business Ideas For Students In Rivers State

Business ideas

Business ideas

In This post we will provide you a detailed guide on business ideas you venture into as a student in Rivers state, Nigeria. without much Hassel, all you need do is to read and follow this article to the End.

Some People think It’s impossible To make money as an undergraduate student in Nigeria, Well it’s true to some extent, but with the right ideas and environmental insight you can make a lot of profit from businesses you invest time, finance and work. So the main thing to consider if it comes to businesses around the south or Rivers state in particular a  is for you to follow the few and easy steps which will be mentioned and discussed in this post.

Without further ado let’s begin the guide on business ideas for students in Rivers state, Nigeria, we will explore all options on business ideas available in the Rivers state.

As a student there are a lot of lucrative business you can start without breaking your bank, examples of businesses ideas for students are ;

  1. Pos
  2. Stationary vendor
  3. Food/snacks business
  4. Online clothes vendor
  5. Thrift/okrika vendor
  6. Hair salon/barbing salon
  7. Lesson teacher
  8. Fruit and vegetables vendor
  9. Laundry business
  10. Phone accessories vendor


In most universities around the south there are 1to non atm machine around or within the school premises, as a pos business agent you can provide services for students and staffs around the university for a little charge, you just need start up plans and a few materials that will aid your business and comfortability. Here are some materials you will need as a pos agent; you will need a business account with the pos company you will be using, finance, a plastic chair, a plastic table, an umbrella, a pos machine from a good company e.g opay, monie-point and first-monie etc.

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Stationary vendor

As students in the universities, their are vital or needful materials that are needed in our day to day activities within the classrooms, studios and Labs. With as little as N20,000, you can start up a stationary shop or corner where you sale writing and drawing materials for students on campus. Some of this materials may include; pen, pencils, cardboards, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, notebooks e.t.c..

Food/snacks business

Most students on campus at times find it hard to cook or prepare a good meal for themselves. Some on the other hand will have the taste for a particular type of food or snacks but can’t prepare or bake it, not because they are probably lazy or are not willing to but just because they don’t know how to. This is a good chance to bring in your expertise in cooking and baking and provide them with the services they need for an amount of cash. There are two ways to go about this, it’s either you cook and have something like a stall where students and staffs come around to eat or you deal base on orders.

Now if you’re on going with the stall or eatery there are a few things to consider before you start, below are some of the few things you will need; Finance, a particular number of utensils, a rented place or an umbrella with bench, an apron, some set of coolers, pots, etc.

While if you will deal base on other you will be need just a few materials for your business, which are ; a phone with working internet, disposable takeaway plates, customized bags, etc.

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Online clothes vendor

Considering the high rate of demand for designer wears, this is a good business idea to turn to as a student in Rivers state. Designer clothes are in high demand especially in the universities and around the states, you can provide this clothes for online buyers based on order to the comfort of their home. Here are some few requirements though; you need a sure plug for your design wears, a phone with working internet etc.

Thrift wears/okrika vendor

This also a perfect business idea especially for a student. With the high demand for designer wears, so also in the thrift wears business otherwise known as bend down select, with a minimum wage or income as a student in Rivers state, you can venture into the okrika business. With a perfect location you can make a huge load of profit from just this business.

Hair salon/barbing salon

As a student this is another lucrative business that can be done within the campus or at your area of residency (off k). As a lady you can start hair making business out of nothing, you can make hairs around the school premises for a sum of cash and from there rent your own shop where people around will visit to patronize you. As a guy that want to start a barbing salon you will need a few materials like clippers, scissors, razors etc. You can do this in a shop or outdoors which you can charge for your services.

Lesson Tutor

Tutoring other students in campus or off campus can be of benefit to you and one can earn a living from it. There are many courses offered in a department or faculty all you need do is provide your services to students ready to learn from you for a little token. You can also find yourself as a lesson teacher for secondary students or primary school pupils, and be paid monthly which is also a good idea.

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Fruit and vegetables vendor

As a student especially those living in campus you can venture into the fresh fruits and vegetables business, where you provide fresh fruits and vegetables for students and staffs on campus to buy for personal consumption.

Laundry business

Laundry business is also a good idea for students living in campus. It doesn’t take much of time or finance, you can choose in doing this business only on weekends or some specific days within the week. There are some few things you will need before making plans to start this business, which are; buckets, detergents, pressing iron etc..

Phone accessories vendor

Selling of phone accessories as a student in Rivers state or on campus is a good choice of business that one can throw in a few cash and start right away. This business can be done both online and at a shop or even at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is take orders and deliver at the buyers location. With the right choice of accessories in mind, one can start and make a lot of profit when done the right way.


With the business ideas mentioned above, i hope we have provided students in Rivers state and other regions, some vital ideas on how to make money or profit within the campus or around it.

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