Frequently asked Question About Polac screening exercise

Frequently asked questions about Polac screening exercise

Frequently asked questions about Polac screening exercise

Aspirants often ask most of these questions related to the Nigerian police academy. And here in this article we’ll provide you with all the the possible answers!

Are you an aspiring candidate of the Nigerian police academy and looking for some answers to most frequently asked questions by the school aspirants? In this post we will provide you Answers to some of your questions.

Frequently asked questions about Polac screening exercise

1. Subject combination – unlike other universities or institute that one rewrites the same subjects you wrote during jamb, it’s not the same at Polac, at the academy each course has its combination of three subjects and a general knowledge subject ( maths, English language and current affairs mashed together).

2. Number of questions – The total number of questions available on screen that day sill be 100, which consist of 10 questions each for the other three subjects and 60 for general knowledge making a total of 100 questions.

3. Time allowed – the time allowed will be more or less 3 hours. This time is more than enough, especially if you came prepared. you provided with enough time to recheck your answers as many times as the time allows.

4. Past questions – As we all know polac exam is CBT and they release some their past question for their candidates to acquire and prepare well for the utme. Studying past question will not guarantee your success, so don’t focus on just pass questions, also read your textbooks, study key points and then use the polac past questions to test your understanding.

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5. Are the questions simple or hard?

A lot of aspirants ask these questions because of fear for failure, well questions are questions, don’t let anyone instill fear or deceive you, if you are prepared then there should be nothing hard about the questions, these questions are no different with the normal ones you answered during your jamb.

6. Assessment –  Polac Utme exams is rated at a scale of 100. Your chance of gaining admission is not only on your utme score, but there are also about two test you need before you are successful.

During the physical screening like one’s SSCE grades and physical stability enters into the equation. But as a rule, one has to pass this first stage before going to the next.

7. Use of scientific calculator – it’s not allowed, you will be provided for on the screen of your monitor.

8.Time Schedule

The academy is yet to release a bulletin for the schedule time, this is because the online registration is still on going, you can bookmark this page to get an update as soon as it is released.

According to the bulletin application form is cost online at the amount of N3,500, which N2,000 is for the post utme. You can find the bulletin online and it was also published in some newspapers announcing the schedule.

9. Advice: Keep English aside and focus on the other three subjects when reading. English is uncertain.

10. Are the board questions simple or hard?

When facing the board test, we will advise you stay confident, smart and brave, do not hesitate to answer any question. Look smart and neat, act as a police officer on duty.

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I hope most of your questions have been answered with the little information provided above, if yes, then make sure others who needs the same information gets it. If you have more questions about the Nigerian police academy, you can contact us.

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