FUDMA Cut off Mark For 2024 [Departmental and Agregate Cut Off]

FUDMA post utme 2023/2024

FUDMA post utme 2023/2024

Are you here Searching for federal university dutsin ma Cut-off mark? Or fudma JAMB cut off Mark, fudma departmental cut-off mark? If yes, then in this article we bring to you all you need to know about the federal university dutsin-ma cut off Mark and aggregate percentage.

FUDMA Katsina

The Federal University, Dutsin-ma (FUDMA) Katsina is a federal government university in in the area of Dutsin-ma, Katsina state, Nigeria.

The University operates a main campus at Kilometer 60, Along Katsina-Kankara Road.

The main campus houses 9 faculties which includes; administrative offices and faculties of physical sciences, social sciences, arts, education, environmental sciences, engineering, sciences, agricultural sciences and management sciences.

FUDMA JAMB Cut off Mark

The Cut off mark for the 2024 academic session is 180. This means that Only candidates who scored 180 and above in their JAMB UTME are eligible to apply for admission into the university. However, it is important to note that the cut off mark for some courses may be higher than 180.

FUDMA amongst others is one of the institute that conducts post utme in Nigeria before giving admission to candidates into its various undergraduate programs. Kindly note that the post UTME is only meant for candidates who applied and sat for JAMB utme.

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DE Candidates do not sit for the post UTME, they just get invited for credentials screening.

FUDMA Cut Off Mark for all courses

Kindly Note FUDMA has no departmental cut-off mark, it works on the general cut off mark by jamb and the university, any departmental cut-off mark you see Online is might be based on quick assumption..!

FUDMA aggregate percentage and how to calculate it.

The percentage is for those that’ll took the post UTME, and does not apply to DE applicants. It’s good to know how FUDMA calculates the aggregate final score, since this is how you find out your rate at getting admission.

The FUDMA Post UTME is over 400!

How to check FUDMA admission percentage score.

That’s how you find the percentage score. To be considered for admission be sure your percentage is upto 50%.

Frequently asked questions

Below we will answer the Common asked questions by FUDMA aspirants

Does FUDMA offer Medicine and surgery, ?

Yes..! They offer MBBS, though this course is one of the most competitive Courses, so if you feel you can work your way through competition, then this is a good option. as mentioned above in the post FUDMA has no specific departmental cut-off mark, it’s goes with the general cut off mark of 180.

It is advised for candidates to aim and score a higher mark like 250, This is just an estimate it doesn’t mean having the score will guarantee you an admission.

What is FUDMA Cut off mark for Nursing?

Just Like Medicine and Surgery with many other departments, Nursing have no departmental cut-off mark, all you need is to pass the post utme in flying colors, why because Nursing is among the most competitive courses in FUDMA, apart from medicine, law and accounting. do well to put in your possible in the post UTME to stand a chance of been admitted.

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What is FUDMA Cut off Mark for Pharmacy?

The cut off mark is 240..!!. To be a student of the department of Pharmacy considering it one competitive course in FUDMA, having a higher score will be a good choice to boast your chance of admission.

What is FUDMA cut off Mark for Law?

We all agree that Law is also one of the most applied course in FUDMA or any university at all, officially to be admitted in this department you will beed a good jamb score of 240. If you don’t have up to that score we advice you do well to pass the post UTME in flying colors, Don’t forget that the recommended score one should aim for law is 240.

All cut-off mark the various courses provide here is base on recommendations fundma doesn’t set Cut off mark for every course

In case you passed your jamb but only got the schools cut off mark and you applied for any course mentioned above don’t panic but do well during the post UTME, by scoring higher, the score could lift your aggregate score. The final post utme results is all that matters not only the JAMB score.

Example you scored around 180 in jamb, you can redeem your self in the post utme if you score an average of 280! That’ll give you an aggregate of 240! You see so all you need is to put in work and study hard for the post utme.

FUDMA post UTME Portal 2023 | FUDMA Website

The FUDMA post UTME Portal is https://portal.fudutsinma.edu.ng/. If those interested in the institute, you can visit the link to register.

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FUDMA official website is FUDMA visit if you wish to learn more about the university.


I have just showed alot about fudma Katsina and answered most of your questions, If you have any more questions you need answers to, please feel free to ask in the comment section below everything Edu is here to provide you with all the information needed to gain admission into the prestigious institution.

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