Nigerian Air Force Recruitment portal: See how to apply

Nigerian Air Force Recruitment portal: See how to apply

Are you in your youth and looking forward to partake in the ongoing Nigerian Air Force Recruitment?, then you’ve visited the right article on this website, this post was solemnly written to guide applicants on how to apply for the ongoing Nigerian Airforce recruitment via the NAF recruitment portal. That been said, this is to let the general public know that the air force recruitment form is online and open for registration, Interested applicants are to visit the Nigerian air force recruitment portal and fill the form correctly and wait to be short listed for the physical screening.

Currently, The Nigerian Airforce recruits Airmen and Airwomen through Basic Military Training Course (BMTC) which is the only available vacant recruitment space for now. Normally the training for this course takes only up to six (6) months. Applicants who are going dor this course must be in possession of Secondary School Certificate, National Diploma certificate, NABTEB, RN/RM/NCE or City & Guild Certificate and Trade Test Certificate.

The basic military training course recruits both Non-Tradesmen/Women and Tradesmen/Women with age limit between 18 and 25.

Nigerian Air Force Recruitment /Basic Requirements

Basically to be eligible for screening and moving to the other stages of recruitment process, candidates are mandated to be in possession of the following.

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Applicants must be a Nigerian by birth or decency.

Applying male candidates must not be less than 1.66m and the females not less than 1.63m tall.

Applying candidates must be medically and physically fit, providing a medically statement from a government hospital.

Applicants must be free of any previous conviction(s) on criminal ground, by a court of law.

Applicants must possess a minimum of five (5) credits, including Mathematics and English, in WACE/ NECO.

This are just the basic requirements, but on the portal, applicants can find the full requirements and qualifications based on their application and courses choosed.

How to apply Nigerian Air Force Recruitment: A simple Application Process

Here is how ro apply for Nigerian Air Force Recruitment on their recruitment portal. This is to tell all interested candidates, that the Nigerian Air Force portal is Now open and accepting applications. So, we have provided applicants with a few simple steps on how ro apply for the ongoing Air Force Recruitment.

Step 1: Go to the online application portal for the recruitment at; just tap the link.

Step 2: Click on the “Airman/Airwoman”  image, it will switch over, now click on “About Recruitment”  and Read the application instructions to get a clear knowledge of what you want to apply.

Step 3: once you click the start application, a verification page will pop up, you will need to creat a password for your form, you have to provide a valid email and phone number as shown below.

Air Force Recruitment form: Phone number verification process
Air Force Recruitment form: Phone number verification process
Air Force Recruitment form: Email verification process
Air Force Recruitment form: Email verification process
Air Force Recruitment form: set up password
Air Force Recruitment form: set up password

NOTE: you can skip step 2 and just move on to step 4 which is the start registration process.

Step 4: When you are done reading the requirements, you can now click on “START APPLICATION” , a guideline will pop up, you can read it to the end or you can just ignore and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “START APPLICATION”  button.

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Start application for Nigerian Air Force
Start application for Nigerian Air Force

Step 4: Fill the application form appropriately with valid in formation. The application form must be filled from personal information, contact information, Education History and Background, medical and criminal records, supporting documents and completion of the form. To be able to move to the next form the previous must be completed.

Air force recruitment form
Air force recruitment form

When done, make sure to Print out the application form and you can now have access  to print out acknowledgement slip.

Documents/Materials Required for Nigerian Airforce Recruitment

Listed below are documents needed for the recruitment exercises and also for the state screening exercises. Any candidates who fails to provide a valid documents will be automatically disqualified and asked ro exit the recruitment. Take note of the listed documents below;

  • Writing materials
  • Indigene or state of Origin Form.
  • Attestation Form, this form must be sign by a Military Officer/Local Government Chairman. This form is more simlar to guarantors form.
  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form, this form must be signed by the applicants parents or guardian, acknowledging that they are aware of the application.
  • Original WAEC/NECO, first school leaving certificate (primary school certificate)
  • Acknowledgment Form.

When is the 2023 Nigerian Airforce Recruitment?

The Nigerian Air Force Recruitment portal is open and is on countdown on the days to stop. So if you’re interested in the Nigerian Air Force, now is the time to apply before the portal goes down.

Further Notes on Nigerian Airforce Recruitment 2023

  • During application, make sure you can remember your login details, and make no attempt to register multiple times else youvwill be disqualified.
  • The online form of the Nigerian Air Force is FREE OF CHARGE, that goes also for the screening and physical exercise.
  • The applicants and signee’s passport and NIN/Drivers license/International passport must be provided along with the attestation form.
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Do Nigerian Air Force Accept two sittings?

No...based on the registration form there’s no space for two (2) sittings o’level result. You can only work with one sitting.

How much is Air Force Recruitment form

The Nigerian Air Force Recruitment form is FREE OF CHARGE. Yes..the form is free, but just incase you go to an internet cafe, there will be need to pay for the services rendered.

Does Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Require JAMB?

No.. The Nigerian Air Force do not use JAMB in the application and screening process, but they will ask for your SSCE (WAEC/NECO/GCE/NABTEB).

Which subject is most important for Nigerian Air Force?

English Language and Mathematics are the compulsory subjects in SSCE certificate that any applicants applying for the recruitment must pass with credit (C).

Is There Air Force Academy in Nigeria?

No there’s no such thing as Air Force Academy for now in Nigeria. But, you can join the air force through the Nigerian defense Academy (NDA).

Things needed for physical screening for Air Force Recruitment.

There are a few things you will need when going for the screening, especially for those leaving their homes ro another state entirely for the screening exercise. Below are some of the few things you need.

1. Finance: when going to a far distant location for things like screening, finace is one of the major things that you need and should not lack. Make sure you have enough finace to hold on to when things are not going around.

2. White short and white top: this is from the table of the recruitment officialss, so its a must have material. This is what you will be wearing all through the screening. It’s a good idea to have two each of the top and short, three is better so you always look neat and brilliant.

3. White converse: youre to have a white converse too during this phase of recruitment process, make sure its always neat, you can have two of it too.

4. White socks: this is also required to make the applicants look smart and clean. Make sure they are white at all times and have a multiple of them. The Nigerian Air Force have nothing to do with a dirty applicant or candidate.

5. A backpack: A bag to fit in everything you are carrying and more.

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