How to pass Nigerian Defence Academy entrance exam? [Truth Revealed]

How to pass Nigerian Defence Academy entrance exam and more

How to pass Nigerian Defence Academy entrance exam

In order to gain admission into the Nigerian defense Academy there are some requirements you as a candidate must meet, requirements like having the cut off mark of 180 in jamb, you must be between the ages of 17 – 21, having a minimum of five (5) credit unit in your SSCE, e.t.c.. This requirements are what will qualify you during the registration phase and during the physical screening phase.

Now, How to pass Nigerian Defence Academy entrance exam?

When it comes to exams, the Nigerian defense Academy’s exams is just like any other exams out there except its not CBT, so people normally het the impression that its hard, is hard for candidates who did not prepare well for the exams.

If you’re a candidate of the Nigerian defense Academy finding it really hard to pass the entrance exams then this post is for you, read to the end and find out a lot more.

Battalion training at the Nigerian defense Academy
Battalion training at the Nigerian defense Academy

How to pass NDA entrance exam

There are many ways different ways to pass the exams and below are the some of the main ones that should help you pass Nigerian Defense Academy entrance exams;

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Start your reading Early

this is the first point, most candidates find it hard to go to their notes or text books early, always procrastinating and saying to their selves “there’s time” , reading early have a help you cover alot of topics abd have enough time to summarize and study past questions and other Materials. It helps you remember what you’ve read during the time of summarization or exams.

Read and solve past NDA past question and Answers

solving past questions gives you the knowledge of how the questions are set and where they are coming from, it gives you the idea of the topics you should focus on and the ones you should ignore.

Read the Subjects giving you hard time

we can all agree that there are certain subjects or topics that gives us hard time, now during the time of your study, take time out and focus only on those topics or subjects, take your time go through them and have a deeper understanding on what its all about. Solve past questions and answers just for that topic or subject, go online and watch some tutorial videos.

Review and summarize

Now when you are done reading, go back to the past questions and answers, text materials and notes that you have read summarize them and get some Keypoints that will be of importance on each of the topics, those Keypoints may help you tremendously during the exams. Study this Keypoints continuously.

Do NDA cadets get to call their family everyday?

Yes, cadets can call their families and loved ones at home but not everyday, phones are strictly not allowed in the Academy’s premises, but you can make use of the landlines provided in your squadron or wait till sundays and make your calls at the gold market located within the academy campus.

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Are NDA cadets allowed to go out?

Yes, The Nigerian defense Academy authorize National holidays to the cadets, but any other day is lectures and training, students are also given pass for critical moments, for example extreme health issues. Other than that, Students are not allowed to leave the school premises when the Academy is in session.

Are phones allowed in Nigerian Defence Academy?

Phones are not allowed in the academy ground, infact phone is tagged as contraband and any student caught with mobile phone of any kind will be penalized.

Do they pay school fees in NDA?

It is not stated that fees are paid at the Nigerian defense Academy, but candidates are required to pay the sum of N45,000 Naira as acceptance fee and N45,000 Naira as hostel fee.

What should be avoided in NDA?

The Nigerian defense Academy is a military school, so you should know that breaking the rules and regulations around the school premises is not an option. NDA do not take students who break rules likely.

So below are some few things to avoid at the Nigerian defense Academy, kaduna.

  1. Avoid dirty uniforms: when attending assembly, classes or even training you are required to always look neat and sharp. Dirty uniforms attracts pubishment from your senior cadets or training instructor. So do well to all ways be clean.
  2. Avoid disrespect: be of good behavior when in the academy, respect your seniors and watch out for some too. Do what ever you’re been told to do, do not feel too big especially the new students, do not feel entitled you might just get into more problems.
  3. Avoid breaking any rule and regulations: rules and regulations are provided to guide cadets to doing the right thing, eo anything outside the rules and regulations of the academy avoid it. Example of things  scaling of fence, smuggling of contraband and been at the wrong hostel at the wrong time of day.
  4. Avoid late coming to class and training ground: Make sure you always make it on time to all your lectures and training, doing this will make you an outstanding cadet, do not come late especially to training ground because the consequences are not funny at all.

Can I use Instagram in NDA?

No, cadets are not allowed to have a mobile device around the academy, making it impossible for you to use Instagram.

Is NDA training hard?

Military training exercises at the Nigerian defense Academy (NDA)
Military training exercises at the Nigerian defense Academy (NDA)

The Nigerian defense Academy is a military institution, where cadets under go military training for about five (5) years. The training at NDA is going to be demanding, can’t really say it’s easy but drilling is done to make you a better cadet and this is what makes a better Army, Air force or Naval officer.

Does NDA need jamb?

Before been considered for admission ino the Nigerian defense Academy, candidates must have hit the cut off mark of 180, so YES, candidates need JAMB.

Is NDA form out for 2024?

NDA form is released once a year, this is usually towards the end of the year, so as of at the time of this writing, the form is not yet online for sale. So we advice you bookmark this page to be updated when the form is online.

Wrapping up

We sure hoped we answered all you queries of How to pass Nigerian Defence Academy entrance exam? 

Now definitely you are thinking of add NDA to your choice of institution during the jamb registration this year.

However, just make sure that you read this article correctly and only make the right choice at the academy that will make you an outstanding cadet at NDA, Kaduna.

For now this all, do not forget to comment your questions below, Enjoy your day.

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