How to Setup a Profitable Office and Industrial Cleaning Business in Lesotho

How to Setup a Profitable Office and Industrial Cleaning Business in Lesotho

How to Setup a Profitable Office and Industrial Cleaning Business in Lesotho

Are you an average Nigerian looking to get into a lucrative business in Lesotho, then there is no mistake you found yourself this article. This post is aimed at bringing you with a detailed guide on how to go about it.

Well, in the case of this post we will be talking about the cleaning business in Lesotho and how to get you started well. Do well to follow this guide to the end and keep in mind that the details provided in this article are but practical ones.

The country of Lesotho

The country of Lesotho can be located at the southern part of Africa, it’s a small mountanious country with a population size of about 2.2 million indigenous people. Lesotho has a friendly environment for tourists and a growing economy that is good for any business. The country does no have a lot of big firms because of the size of the country in population and land mass or rather said development.

Cleaning business

The business of providing professional office and industrial cleaning service has been around the corner for years but only gained fame around the early 2000s this is because of the growing number of businesses and offices that wanted to operate more efficiently.

These businesses includes banks, hotels, embassies, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, eateries, law firms, accounting firms and other service based companies that have realized that it pays off more to get the cleaning of their office area by professionals who can and willing to give efficient cleaning services, thereby providing them more time to do their major business activities.

Well the cleaning business is quite a productive one to run especially in a country like Lesotho for many good and profitable reasons. Well for an example, it has a low investment requirement for startups. Just like many other well known oriented businesses all you need is good and lucrative skills, equipment and good work ethic to secure good customers and grow.

The expenses are not quite high since payment system, rent and transportation are the main operating expenses, which are taking up to about 80% of the total operating costs. You don’t really need to get worried about inventory, machines or a company to distribute your service.

One good other reason that this business is very profitable is the huge pack of available customers. Nearly 60% of intermediate to professional sized businesses with more than 30 staff are in need of this service especially when the business is in a highly competitive industry and has to become more efficiently effective to succeed. So we should be looking at between 800 down to 2000 businesses that have already outsourced their office cleaning or are in need of this service.

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Does Office and Industrial Cleaning in Nigeria have Market Opportunity?

There is no business out there that wants to lose customers or get a bad label for keeping around them a dirty environment, office or even having to waste many hours trying to keep their premises clean and attractive. So this means the demand for this service is good and here’s a very good reason for this, there are at least 3.1 million registered companies operating in Lesotho as of 2019 based on the records provided by the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

From my estimate based on research at least 250,000 of these companies alone are located Leribe. Maseru on its own has more than 24,000 operating businesses of different sizes. The list goes on, but one thing for sure that they all have in common is the very need to present a welcoming and comfortable environment to their clients/customers and not to waste precious time and resources off their busy calendar doing so.

On average based on research the amount seemed payable to these cleaning companies is N40,000 for each employed worker. So if a 300 room hotel decides to place its cleaning to a professional private commercial cleaning business and require about Ten (10) cleaners, this means the hotel would be paying four hundred thousand Nigerian naira (N400,000) per month for their services. Now The cleaning company may pay each cleaner (worker) an estimate of twenty five thousand Nigerian naira(N25,000) and the company would be making an estimate of fifteen thousand naira (N15,000) on each employed janitor.

Main Target in the Market

The scale at which you choose to operate matters and in the list below I have chosen to divide the market for this business into two based on the scale at which you wish to operate.

Small Scale and offices Opportunities

You can make deals and connections with small scale businesses for a start, to give your cleaning business a name it is always goog to start small then with time and good investment and profits comes in it will now be good to upgrade your tools and go big. This time you will be advised to start with small scale businesses with could be some of them listed below and you could go for all since they are all small scale.

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This could be …..

  1. Restaurants
  2. Small Hospitals/clinics
  3. Retail shops/stores
  4. Offices
  5. Petrol Stations
  6. Residential buildings

Industrial or large scale cleaning

This side means more work and more hours of work, so before coming into the large scale you should know that and keep that in mind. This includes the list below

  1. Airports
  2. Multi-storey Buildings
  3. Factories
  4. Warehouses
  5. Event Venues
  6. Government owned hospitals
  7. Public Schools
  8. Big Churches
  9. Banks
  10. Telecom operators’ offices
  11. Multinational companies
  12. Embassies

And many other large scale industrial places that could fetch your company money, like I said before, the large scale cleaning services demands a lot of workers and working tools. So the company should be able to meet the requirements and expectations of their customers for good ratings and recommendations.

Some Startup Equipment and requirements for your Cleaning Services business in Lesotho.

Here are some few start tools that we believe you can have to start up your cleaning business, this tools are a big part of this type of business, only the necessary ones are listed below with their possible cost. Some are cheap some are not, but it’s all for the business, so before going into this business make sure you’ve planned.

Item Cost

Some Basic Cleaning equipments that your business must buy as a part of this business are (Mop, Buckets, Mop sticks, wipers, brooms). This materials are essential and a major part of this business. One can’t spakle the subject of cleaning business without bringing up the mentioned. These materials should be one of the cheapest materials to buy, they should cost combined about thirty to fifty us dollars ($30 – $50).

Another major and main material in this business are the Cleaning Supplies e.g.. detergents, cleaning reagents. etc.. without this materials there is really no cleaning, this materials are a must have and are one of the cheapest of all the materials that you will need to get as a cleaning service provider. This materials should go for about ten us dollars ($10) it should contain not only detergents but also air and room fresheners for a good fragrance and welcoming scent int the cleaned area after a job well done.

This is for those especially going for the large scale, it is good you get Specialized mechanical cleaning equipment such as Vacuum cleaner, fumigation equipment, because for large scale as places like airports and other big locations will be tiring for natural man power. So getting this equipments is the best, it will save extra paid expenses and cover time taken to do the actual work. This equipments should go for about seventy to one hundred us dollars ($70 – $100).

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Plan also for Rent or an equipment store office where the company materials and equipments will be kept. When selecting a place, make sure this place is in perfect condition to keep those materials. For a start, since is small, the target rent should cost about five hundred us dollars($500).

About 6 months Initial operating expenses for things like, (marketing, utility bills, levies etc) should be considered in the start up plan of this business and an initial operating expense of about eight hundred and fifty us dollars ($850) should’ve been kept aside.

Before putting your business out to the public make sure you have put Registration and Legal expenses in place. This means that your business should be legally registered and approved. For the legal and registration expenses a budget of  hundred us dollars ($100) should be kept in place and ready to be used for that aim.

For the company’s own Offices there should be some office Supplies that will be needed to make the office look like an office, materials and supplies like (stationery, Furniture, cleaning supplies etc) this materials and supplies need not be expensive, you can go for the one you can afford and manage for the time being, these supplies cost should round up to about seventy us dollars ($70).

Contingency funds: this is a budget fund every company both big and small are advised to have, contingent funds are used for other expenses you may not have planned for e.g emergencies, accidents and many others. The company should have kept at least about 30% of the finance needed for the business start up.

Insurance: this should always be on the mind of every business owner right after comstigency funds. Insurance is good for any business big or rather small, pay for an insurance. You can start with a price tag of a hundred and fifty us dollars ($150) depending on the company you and the company are interested in.

Before you start, take your time to work out the expenses and do the maths, run the calculated risk and how to avoid them. This will help your cleaning business grow. Make sure make when going into this business you’re well prepared financially and psychologically. Do not rush things, businesses do not grow over night instead over time.


This post have given Interested person a little guide on how to start a successful cleaning business in Lesotho. This guide or rather tip, could be applied in any of the countries in the world not just only in Lesotho. Since you got this far, means you got what you’re looking in starting a cleaning business. Do well to share let others have the knowledge of how to start a successful cleaning company.

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