How to start mini importation business as a student in Comoros

Mini importation business in comoros island

Mini importation business in comoros island

If you’re a student or an immigrant of Comoros island and have been thinking or planning of coming up with a mini importation business in the country, then this article is for you.

This article carries a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to Start mini importation business in comoros islandngyou will learn how to make profit from buying goods abroad and selling it at Comoros island.

This post as said before will provide step by step guide on how to buy goods which are not available in the country from abroad at a Cheaper rate. You can buy your goods from places like China, AliExpress, jumia, Alibaba And many other foreign countries and eCommerce platform and not just make lots of profit selling but also create jobs and add to the economy growth of the country.

This article will carry some details about mini importation business at Comoros islands like, requirements for mini importation business, how it works, how money is made and what you should be aware of in the business.

Comoro island

Comoro island is a small African-Arab island in between Mozambique and Madagascar and close to mayotte. This island is known to be a developing island country and a still growing economy. Comoro island has a low population density of about 821,625 indigenous people. The major source of income of the locals in the country are mostly around agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing. Possibly because of the good scenery of the beaches and seas, the country attracts tourists around the world. Comoro island has a rich culture and long history.

Mini Importation Business

Firstly, lets start by defining and understanding what Mini importation is, Mini importation business as the name goes is the process of bringing in goods and services from outside shores of a particular country or state and make them in that country for wholesalers to distribute and consumers to get access to.

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Mini importation also means small importation. But if your finances can handle importation in large quantities then its fine. In the importation business there’s no say to the limit of finances one can invest into it, when well planned there’s alot of profit to be made from this business especially for a place like the comoros island.

This business can be done in different ways but with the recent technological advances a business owner can make the deals from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Mini Importation Business Requirement

Before one can start a business there are many things to put down and work with. In the case of importation business the business owner needs to get a few important things down, this things or materials are essential to the business and the customers. A good impression to customers will be a good start.

Below are some few things to consider when starting a mini importation business at comoro island;

  1. A working mobile android device or PC.
  2. A good Internet Access or reception.
  3. A valid and working email address
  4. An ATM card that can be used online, since the goods you will be needing will be paid for online. A working ATM for online transactions will be a good idea.
  5. A traceable physical location, places like home or office address where the items you ordered will be shipped to comfortably.
  6. Registered phone number
  7. Finance (cash)
  8. Ability to read and write in the regional language so form will be filled correctly

How to start mini importation in Comoros island.

Here we will tailor down step by step guide and instructions on the process on how to start a successful mini importation business in this Comoros island.

Source for Products

The first thing to do on the journey to start an importation business is to source for products. But before doing that know and understand the available customers and their wants or needs this will make the sourcing of products easy and fast. In a place like comoros, things like snacks, light clothes and clean processed water will be a good start.

Locate your product source

This should be an easy part, after the sourcing and understanding of the area of business and customers, then locate or find a way to make those products available by locating its source. Things like snacks or canned food should be around places like Europe or America. Locating the source of the products imported make the business more efficient and reasonable.

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Buy from a reliable supplier

When doing business with others make sure they are reliable because the customers like consistency. Get products from a reliable and a supplier that will never disappoint the business owners or its customers.

Pay for your products

After you’ve gon through the above steps i think its time to order and pay for your goods online and make them ready for shipping. This products ordered will be delivered to you at your preferred location. When the products or goods have arrived, now os time to market and sell your products.

Where to buy products for importation business as a biginner

When it comes to places or websites to purchase goods there are often a lot of choices tonbe made, some are affordable while some are expensive some could be cheap but the transportation fees are high. Well, below are some good websites and countries where a mini importer can purshase or order goods. This websites are some of the most sort after and recommended.

  • AliExpress
  • DH gate
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • iPmart
  • Ever Buying
  • Dino Direct
  • Cellular Country
  • Made In China
  • DealExtreme

The list provided above is just a few of our choice that was recommende. We advise you go online and make a good research on places and sites most wonderful for a business of this sort.

Products to consider when importing to comoros island

A place like comoros island is more or less a place many tourist want to be, the small country is rich in culture and history. There are products that will make an importer a good profit when been considered. So below are a few list of products to consider when importing to the comoros island.

Lightweight clothing

This should include be tshirts, shorts pants and simple dress made from soft and simple materials like cutton e.t.c. both citizens and tourist will be interested in this materials because a place likeThe Comoros Islands during the hot and humid season can get extremely warm, especially during the hot and humid season, so the more clothes you pack that are lightweight the better.


This products is more important to tourist, as they will be working around the country it will be a good idea that their feets receives fresh air.

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This products is a really good idea, why? Because in the Comoros Islands only 8% of the population have access to quality electricity. So if you provide touch light in your goods, it will attract many customers both tourist and the locals (citizens).

Reusable drink bottle

Reusable drink bottles are plastic cans used in holding water or any soft drink at all. This item can be used multiple times with only a rinse apart. With this item students, pupils and tourist can go anywhere with hope of extra water or something to get water from when in need.


Sunscreen products are used on the body to protect the body from the uv rays of the sun, comoros known to sometimes have a hot weather is a good place to make this product available. Sunscreen is a good and marketable products in comoros especially for tourist coming to the island for vacation.

A Hat

Hats can also protect the face from the attack of uv rays and heat from the sun. A place like comoros island as said before is where the sun is not friendly, this item will be a good product you can importbor produce locally for everyone and not just tourist alone


This is where the market at, swimwears for both male and female will sell well in a place like the comoros island. During a sunny day alot of people will want to cool off. They will be needing swim wears thats where you come in.

Waterproof jacket

In comoros island no one can really tell when rain will come down pouring unto the surface, so providing customers with affordable waterproof jackets is also a good business idea.

Insect repellant

During the humid seasons a few flying insects are active, it will be profitable if you provide people wilth quality insects repellent.

Backpack/day bag

All you need is to provide customers with small or medium-sized bag that can hold all the essentials mostly device and accessories without being too heavy for you to carry around for some time long.


In conclusion mini importation business is not an easy one but when invested with time and finance it will yield reasonable results. The above are few of the things one can invest in at the Comoros Islands and produce good profits. If this post was helpful feel free to share, let other business persons dig in and learn from this opportunity. If you find any issues with along the way feel free to contact us, we all ways here for our viewers.

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