How to Start Thrift/Okrika Business as a Student in Morroco

How to start thrift/okrika business as a student in morocco

How to start thrift/okrika business as a student in morocco

There are many needs to settle after student, from paying tuition to buying provision and foodstuffs, pay for reception and data services, getting clothes and paying for extra classes, and also membership at the gym. To do all of these things student needs finance, to do all of this things students  need Finance (cash). But there are only a limited jobs that can take in students and workers.

What if I told you that as a student you can be independent and self-employed without even breaking some sweat. Yes……. In this article we have provided A detailed business guide on thrift business for students in Morocco, this idea is both for the citizen students and foreign students studying in any of the Moroccan universities.


Morocco is the flashy African Arab country settled at the northern part of Africa the country has a maximum total of more than 15 million citizens both foreign and local, which about 30% of this population are said to be students of any of the countries universities, both private and public. With a population like this students who are into any kind of business tend to grow in no time and make a lot of profit for themselves.

All these business starters Needs to do is follow the right procedures, which in this case will be provided on this article. for starters we advise you read this post to the end so that you won’t miss any details provided for the sake of growing your business and maybe growing it into a big brand.

The procedure used in starting this business is simpl,  but requires finance, determination, hard work and time. You don’t expect to start a Business Today and start making massive profits today,  this means that you will have to deal with a lot of loss and so on, but we will provide ways by which you can bypass or even prevent a lot of errors in your thrift wear business over there at Morocco. All you need to do is read to the end of this article.

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Thrift or as Nigerians so calls it Okrika, Deals with the buying and selling of used clothes still in good and quality conditions, these clothes are quite very cheap and affordable for all interested parties can be both in the middle or low class and this affordable to them. Instead of going for a brand new clothes some few people most especially students go for thrift wears. The thrift clothes business is based in many other countries and even many parts of Morocco, there are others who are into the business. Yes…. You won’t be the only person venturing into the thrift business market but with the few points and steps provided in this article you can be a different drift where seller in many ways.

The things you need to get started in thrift we are market sales

  1. Working phone
  2. you working e-mail
  3. you will need a sure plug for your thrift
  4. You will need the thrift clothes
  5. you will need a shop or a store
  6. You will need Finance

You will need various good and welcoming ways to deliver to your customers their thrift clothes.

How to start thrift wear business

Before any other point having the money to start this business comes first. In this kind of business there is need for financial oil business especially if the business owner warns quality wheels for a better profit.

Find a wholesaler that will be providing you with quality and still good looking clothes

You can choose a marketable name for your business you advise not any random name but some catchy and connective name will do with your business

We agree that we live in an advanced technological world and the online market is only growing by the day a lot of people prefer ordering most items and materials online so going into this business and choosing the online presence will do your business a very whole lot of good all you need is a working phone e-mail and a fully registered and working phone number.


For the ones who want to keep it offline can get a shopper store where the clothes will be kept for selling however having both the offline and online presence will still be a good advantage to the business owner when not online there will be offline presence this means you can take your clothes out of the shop and spread them 18 table or hung them on wardrobes at the front of the shop let interested passers by come in and get the clothes for those who are Interested.

How to promote your thrift/okrika

Delivery of sold out materials to the customers is essential to the online presence business owner and it matters when it comes to that aspect. Yes…when delivering to your customers, make sure you do it the right way. It must not be flashy but it should encourage the buyer to come again next time, this is a good way of promoting your business.

Have your designer print your phone number, address and email on your business delivery bags, to let Interested buyers reach out and order some thrift.

As an online business owner it is so advisable to start a Facebook or WhatsApp presence to promote and bring more sales and profit to your business.

You could make friends and family model out the quality wears, for example.. they could wear some of them to work, shopping, market, store etc. Just attract buyers and interested parties that finds the clothes really nice.

How profit is made in the thrift /okrika sales

Unarguably, there’s a lot of profit to be made in the thrift business, because people need clothes on a daily basis , for different occasions and activities and to stay warm or cold protect in the body from high or low temperatures. Many of you are asking and want to know how profit is made from the thrift business, well here is an answer. Profit is made in the thrift business buy simply buying in large quantities for a cheap price and selling them.

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Now, the clothes comes in bale, bale is a compacted or compressed vadt of used clothes in several grades and qualities. Each bale comes with it’s own cost, this means all the bale of clothes comes in different quantities and grade, so to profit it is advised to go for the A grade bale that is if you want to buy in bulk.

For example now, inside the bale there are 200 clothes and you bought the bale for a hundred and fifty us dollars ($150), you then sold each of the the clothes found for ten us dollars ($10), now if you multiply ten by 150 that will be equal to one thousand five hundred us dollars (10×150=1500). You just made a whopping garin of about one thousand four us dollars ($1400). So you can see the kind of profit you tend to gain from the thrift wear industry.

Note that it is possible to make that amount in just a day and it’s also possible to make nothing at all, for quick sales it will be a good Idea to work with the season and understand your environment, this will provide you with a good market strategy for your business.


In this post we provided some few guide lines on how the thrift is all about and how to profit from it, this post carries a few points to provide you with the idea on how to start your thrift business , as you have seen the thrift business a good type of business that you can make available at the campus for everyone interested, we hope you learned and got what you came from this article but we also advise you make more research and learn more before getting into this business.

As said if this article was helpful share, make this article get to someone out there in need of  how to start up a thrift business, don’t forget to drop your questions if you are having any in the comments below.

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