NDA: Free Pass Questions, Less Competitive Course , Study Requirements & Duration

Less Competitive Course in Nigerian defense acadmy (NDA)

Less Competitive Course in Nigerian defense acadmy (NDA)

In this post, I will show you the less competitive courses in the Nigerian defense Academy (NDA) and the Requirements to those courses. If you have been asking about for the less competitive courses in NDA and their respective requirements to gain admission, then this post is for you.

Less competitive courses in Nigerian defense Academy, what is the cut-off mark for the mentioned courses in NDA? Does NDA accept two sittings for those courses, what are the requirements to study the mentioned courses in NDA.

Does NDA offer social science And Art? If yes, what are the possible requirements to study them? If you have been asking whether NDA have less competitive courses, then as mentioned before this post you are currently reading will benefit you.

Answers to the questions above have always asked, and also show you the NDA JAMB Subject Combination for the mentioned courses. Answers to the questions above will be provided to aspirants interested in applying the Nigerian defense Academy.

After answering the question, I will also be providing you with basic requirements to study those courses at The Nigerian defense academy.

The requirement section will contain JAMB subject combinations for the afore mentioned courses listed below, all you need to know about the courses in NDA as well as other universities you can also study as a course apart from the Nigerian defense academy should you wish to explore more.

Nigerian Defense Academy

the Nigerian defense academy is a military institute located in Kaduna state Nigeria. the institute is the only military university Nigeria, the main goal of the institute is to graduate and produce officers with broad-based training in both military and academic wise, brought together to serve as a foundation for the future development of officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

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The mission of the academy is to provide its cadets with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer through academic and military character development.

so, before we get into it here are the full list of courses offered at the Nigerian defense academy, categorized based on their faculties.

1. Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

  1. Department of Accounting
  2. Department of Economics
  3. Department of Geography
  4. Department of History & War Studies
  5. Department of Political Science and Defense Studies
  6. Department of Psychology

2. Faculty of Engineering

  1. Department of Civil Engineering.
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Department of Electrical Electronics Engineering.

3. Faculty of Interdisciplinary studies & Cyber Security

  1. Department of Interdisciplinary & Cyber Security
  2. Department of Logistics Supply & Chain Management

4. Faculty of Sciences

  1. Department of Military Science
  2. Department of Biologically Sciences
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Computer Science
  5. Department of Mathematics
  6. Department of Physics

Less competitive courses in Nigerian defense Academy (NDA)

just like every other Nigerian university or any university in the world, there are courses with high application percentages. first of all, what is competitive and less competitive courses, competitive courses are those courses with high registration volume, whilst on the other hand less competitive courses are the ones with no or low registration volume.

you can agree that courses like medicine, nursing, law, accounting, architecture etc. are one of the most competitive courses in the Nigerian universities.

in competitive institutes like NDA and POLAC there are a lot of competitive courses that some aspirants find hard to gain admission if applied, but if you go for a course with low registration volume, there is a better chance of gaining admission into the academy.

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if you are an aspiring student of the Nigeria defense academy, be it in Sciences, Arts, Engineering or social sciences planning on buying the soon to be released form, then this post meets you well, because it will be in a short and detail formation.

here listed below is a detail list of the less competitive course at the Nigerian defense academy, Kaduna.

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Geography

these are just some of the less competitive courses you can try at the Nigerian defense academy, also bear it in mind that there is no course superior to another, it’s just based on the selective volume of applicants.

NDA Jamb Cut Off Mark

The Nigerian defense Academy just as every other university and institution in Nigeria works with the general cut off mark approved by jamb. That is to be eligible for selection you must get the cutoff mark of 180.

Does NDA Accept Two Sittings?

Yes…!!, they do, though the academy is very strict with their criteria, but yes, they accept Two Sittings.

Does NDA offer social science And Art?

Yes…!! The Nigerian defense academy offers social science and art courses, this may include economics, geography, accounting etc.

requirements to study Arts and social science in NDA?

To be eligible for admission into this faculty, applicants must be within the age group of 16 – 21, must be physically fit, mentally stable and morally upright, must have passed jamb, must be a citizen of Nigeria, must present an SSCE certificate carrying 5 credits units in two Sittings.

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Importance Things to Note

Only candidates satisfied for registration and admission are the ones who wrote and passed UTME with the score of 180 and above.

Only candidates that passed jamb will be enabled to print the Screening Test Admission Card and participate in the NDA Screening at some vital locations if which you pick one.

When registration commerce for you owns sake, you’re advised to register early and reprint early, so that you will be kept or placed at a good exam center.

Get to the location on time, when leaving for your exams or screening, look smart behave responsible.

Note that admitted Candidates undergoes military and academic training as Officer cadets. This training takes a period of 5 years for Army cadets and 4 years for both Navy and Air force cadets.

On Successful completion of this training and academic activities, the graduands will earn honors degree in a core discipline (BSc, BEng, BA).

Upon graduation, all graduation of the academy will equally earn a Presidential Commission into the Nigerian Armed Force.


In this post you’ve seen the list of course offered at the Nigerian defense Academy, the less competitive courses and their requirements with cut off marks. If you have any question regarding the any course at all, please feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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