Mathematics Keypoints

Jamb Mathematics Keypoints

As an aspiring JAMB candidate, you need to start preparing for the forthcoming UTME exam registration. Early access to you notes and other helpful key points will be a good start to achieve a good jamb score.

If you are wondering, where do you start reading from or how do you start reading, don’t worry about that Everything Edu got you covered.

In this article we will provide interested jamb candidates with tips on how to get ready for the mathematics JAMB. What you will find here is nothing new, it’s what you have been learning mainly from SS1 and SS2. So, if you still having your past senior secondary school mathematics notes it will also help.

As we all know Jamb has announced the date for the registration of its UTME and the exam dates, which keeps you at an advantage to have use this time to set your timetable and read.

Now, mathematics is not any subjects that you just read; math’s is filled with problems which means you have to solve.

Here are some tips you need when going through mathematics notes and key points.

1. Make a study schedule or Timetable

2. Have a mathematics notebook

3. Read your textbook prior to the Jamb Syllabus

4. Do textbook examples and past questions

5. Write out the mathematical procedures used in the solved past questions and answers

6. Re-visit previously studied concepts

7. Summarize concepts and procedures

8. Re-read

9. Do quiz and test corrections

Study tips for all jamb Mathematics candidates that will help improve your jamb and utme score.

1. Make a study schedule or Timetable

When preparing for any exams you and i can both agree that, planning your reading sessions before had will be of good help. For the allocated day for mathematics, point out a particular time slot for a specific topic, add break times so you can be able remember what have been read. Do not forget to follow the timetable and schedule consistently.

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2. Have a mathematics notebook:

When working out math’s problems, make sure have a single note specifically for mathematics, in this note, you should have all the math’s formulas and extra note or jotting that you can look at during your leisure time. This note will help organize and keep math’s related information and ideas together.

3. Read your textbook prior to the Jamb Syllabus:

When preparing for jamb exams the first thing to do is reading based on the topic provide in the syllabus, in the syllabus textbooks names and their authors are provided to help student study efficiently ahead of the exams. This syllabus is provided for candidates to gain a wide understanding on the topics that might be used un the examination.

4. Do textbook examples and past questions:

it’s a good idea to practice and solve math past questions especially when it comes to jamb, go for the recommended textbooks that is provided by the jamb body. those texts will help you in your fourth coming exams. Get and solve previous questions both online and live, this past question gives you a better understanding of how JAMB set their math’s questions and strengthen your problem-solving skills.

5. Write out the mathematical procedures used in the solved past questions and answers:

When solving or studying mathematics, put down on your math’s note the steps learnt from solved equations and questions, why? so, you can pick it up during your free time and study, it helps to keep your memory fresh.

6. Re-visit previously studied concepts:

It’s a good idea to visit and review some topics especially the ones you did not understand fully or are still having problem solving, this process may seem not fun, but it prevents what you’ve read to just be lost but rather gives you a strong fold of the topic.

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7. Summarize concepts and procedures:

When reading make sure you have put down valuable points on your Maths note which you will use to Create concise summaries of key concepts, of which will aids in quick revision before exams and condenses information for better retention.

8. Go back to your notes:

The main goal of having a separate math note is to re-read your notes and summaries periodically, this method reinforces and makes information stick over time which generally, Improves long-term retention.

9. Do quiz and test corrections:

When going through the past questions and answers, its best as mentioned above you jote them down both the ones you had right and the ones you got wrong then review the mistakes from the past questions and your answers, look out and understand the errors you made and correct them. With this process you will understand the subject better and reduce the risk of future mistakes.

Jamb Mathematics Keypoints

In the syllabus provided by the examination board there are about five (5) different topics in which we will break down to sub topics below;

I. Number and Numeration.

II. Algebra

III. Geometry/Trigonometry.

IV. Calculus

V. Statistics

This are the main key topics all candidates should focus on before the computer based exams (CBT). This provided topics have a few subtopics, but they are just as easy if you stidy and solve problems repeatedly.

With the guidelines provided above mathematics in jamb should not be a problem for any candidates. Good luck and all the best in your upcoming examinations.

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