Polac: Download Polac Screening questions and past questions and answers pdf

Polac Past questions and answers PDF With Board Interview Questions

Polac Past questions and answers PDF With Board Interview Questions

Are you gearing up for the upcoming  screening exercise at the nigerian police academy(POLAC)? Do you wish to get a brilliant score in the exams and secure a spot on the admissions list of your dream university? Well I I’ll hand it to you because, You’re in luck!. For you to have found yourselves on this page, that means you need help to succeed in the upcoming screening exercise, so no need to worry about how the exercise will go or what the exams will be like, we have compiled a valuable resource for all our polac candidates and the ones aspiring to join the Nigerian police force– free past questions for the 2023 screening excercise.

As seen from the Nigerian police Academy’s website, the 10th regular course invitation for physical, credentials, medical and board interview and the computer based exams will commence from NOVEMBER 6th – 30th, 2023. So it will be smart to revisit your boock and past questions and revice what is been read and boost your built confidence for the exams and other screening exercise that will take place that day.

Why Use JAMB Past Questions?

Why use past questions when one could just read and understand what most of the subjects topics and key points. It’s not only all about reading and understanding what the subjects matter but also:

Familiarize yourself with the exam format: By going through past questions, you’ll get a better knowledge of the examination structure, what the questions might look like, and time constraints. With this insight you will be more confident and relaxed on the day of the actual exam.

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Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Do you know that Past questions help provide candidates with an excellent opportunity to understanding of the subject matter. As you solve through the past questions, you tend to know areas where improvements are needed and topics that you better understand.

Learn from the best: this available past questions is a bulk full of past exams. By going through the questions and answers, you can learn easy methods and find out some less stressful and time intensive concepts which may help in the actual examination.

Improve your time management: With past questions and answers, you can Practice under timed conditions which will help you develop the technique of effective time management during the upcoming screening exams. This means  allocating enough time to every unanswered questions and enough time to check for mistakes and unanswered questions.

Boost your confidence: To be honest this is very effective, why because the more past questions you solve or go through, the more prepared and confident you become and on the day of the exam you’ll feel well prepared and self-assured. With steady practice and solving, comong out in flying colors will not be an issue for you, because you want in ready.

Polac Board interview Questions

At the Nigerian police academy the candidates that managed to pass the medical and exams screening are to face board. At the board interview candidates are required to be their best self and bold enough to answer any questions thrown at them at any given moment. The board interview is a quite hard to some extent. Both know that it is also one of the easiest screening exercise among all the four possible exercises. At the board interview, alot of questions will be asked, at candidates are required to attempt atleast 60% of them. Don’t be discouraged in any way we are here to help ease things up and make you confident.

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So here are some questions asked at Polac board exams, keep in mind that this might not be the exact same questions asked but atleast they will prepare you for the board exams.

1. Tell us about your self

Now, don’t go tell them your life story just keep it brief and simple, for example, my name is John doe, am an indigene of lagos state, my  school life from nursery to secondary has been at Lagos state.

2. Who is the IG of the Nigerian police force

Keep it simple by saying the Inspector general of the Nigerian police force is……

3. Why do you want to join the academy?

Now this where alot of candidates will flop, but just as before just keep it simple. Ans.. As a Nigerian citizen to be a part of the the Nigerian police force has always been my dream and if am given the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious family, I will do my best to enforce the law.

4. Why do you want to become a police officer?

The answer should be the same with that of number three but twist it in your own way add passion to it or else the board will see through it.

5. In your own words what do police officers do?

Am sure all candidates know what police officers do, when giving an answer to this question, make sure you make not mistake if you are going the long way. But to keep it short and brief the answer should be “police officers enforces the law”.

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This above are just the little that can be said and given about the facing of board at the Nigerian police academy. Remember to be confident, bold and answer all questions fluently. Don’t forget to go in neatly dressed in the all white wear required by all students.

Download JAMB Past Questions for Free

To get you ready, we’ve managed to put together some past questions from 2016-2022. The links below will directly download this materials to any device you use.

This material is just a study guide for candidates who applied the academy, we do not in any way advise anyone to use them in the hall.

You can download you past questions here…!!!

Final Thoughts

Keeping mind, success is not achieved overnight in any case including the Nigerian police academy exams. It takes time, consistency, and constant practice to get there or to pass in general. We advice you make the most of these past questions materials and know that every step you take in the learning journey only brings you a step closer to your goal.

If you found what you came here for donot forget to share many candidates may be in need of past questions, do well to share. If you have any other past Q not provided above feel free to share them with the admins so we can share.

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