Where can I study forensic science in Nigeria? [Explained with Facts]

Where can I study forensic science in Nigeria Explained with Facts Where can I study forensic science in Nigeria? [Explained with Facts]

Where can I study forensic science in Nigeria

Forensic science is one of the best marketable courses applied today in the Nigerian educational system. So, it is obvious that a lot of Nigerian students are into the course. Degree holders of forensic science are easy targets when applying for any force in Nigeria.

But there are limitations because, not all Nigerian universities have this course. So in this article we have the alot of answers regarding students and aspirants of forensic science. We have provided answers to understand the basic need and requirements to study this course to the places you can work or train as a forensic scientist.

Lets go into this discussion, as we will all learn alot about forensic science, subject combination, jamb cut off mark requirements and others. Read to the end to get the basics of this course before looking forward to apply it in JAMB.

Where can a Forensic scientist work in Nigeria?

First of all Forensic scientists are people who studied and underwent training in forensic science, this people are able examine, collect analyze samples (hair, nails, blood, finger print, e.t.c) from scenes and other places in other to assist in an ongoing investigation.

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Forensic scientist at a scene picking up samples for the lab.
Forensic scientist at a scene picking up samples for the lab.

With that been said, Forensic scientist are open to many job opportunities, Graduates of forensic science can work with in Hospitals, private security companies or with the government, there are wide open spots for them in intelligence unit under the Nigerian police force and the Nigerian military service.

What are the jamb requirements for forensic science?

To be admitted to this course in any of the universities in Nigeria offering forensic science, you need to get the jamb combination correct. As we all know forensic science is a science based course and the combination for this course are; physics, Chemistry, mathematics and English Language.

Does University of Ibadan offer forensic science?

University of ibadan is a public university based at oyo state, Nigeria. This university offers a wild range of courses in all fields of science, Arts Engineering etc.. But unfortunately university of Ibadan do not offer Forensic science.

Which course is best for forensic?

There are different levels of course in Forensic science, each level has its requirements and its limits. This course levels are

  • Certificate course
  • diploma courses
  • bachelor’s degree course- Graduate Level course
  • master /Postgraduate Level course
  • doctorate or Ph.D. course

Now,  all of this course levels are unique in there own fields, it only depends on where you find you self and the level in which you need for the job requirements.

Which is the best place to study forensic science in Nigeria?

The best place to study forensic science in Nigeria is Kano, why kano? The Nigerian police academy is located in kano, Polac offers and trains cadets in forensic science. Once graduated you become a full time forensic scientist with the Nigerian police force for 35 years.

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Private university that offers forensic science in nigeria.

At the time this article was written, there is only two private universities in Nigeria offering forensic science. This university are Lead city University and Babcock University.

Forensic Science salary in Nigeria

Graduate in the field of forensic science have good job prospects and can pull up high paying positions in both private and government sector.

A forensic scientist in Nigeria with a year to two years of experience in the field earns about ₦389,966, while a mid career/experienced forensic scientist earns a total of ₦868,966 – ₦1,068,923.

Forensic Science MSc in Nigeria

A lot of Nigerian universities do not offer Forensic science at an undergraduate level but, they make it available at Msc level Master of Science. At this level Forensic Science program is a two (2) year multi-disciplinary program leading to the Master of Science degree (Msc).


To be considered for admission into the forensic science M.Sc. progame, applicants must satisfy some certain level of requirements provided by the institution of choice,

some of which are as follows;

  1. Applicants must have five (5) credit passes including English language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  2. A first degree in science and medical science, agric with at least a second class honours a recognized institution.
  3. An equivalent degree from another University recognized by your applied university.
  4. Applicants are to provide at least two (2) favorable letters of recommendation, one of which must be from your previous academic adviser or HOD.

There might be other requirements asked from your university, but If you follow this details provided above you won’t have any issues, gaining admission to study forensic science at the Msc level.

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Universities offering Forensic Science

Forensic science is a four (4) year science course and is under the faculty of science, and can be studied in any of the universities below;

  1. Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)
  2. Bayero University Kano (BUK)
  3. Lead City University (LCU)
  4. Nigerian Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State (NPA)
  5. First Technical University, Ibadan (TECH-U)
  6. Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN)
  7. Ave Maria University (AVU)
  8. Ahman Pategi University, Patigi. (APU)
  9. Capital City University, Warawa, Kano (CCUK)


I hope you got your answers to the question- Where can I study forensic science in Nigeria? Forensic science is a marketable and high value course but its also demanding, so do your best and get the grades right.

Also, when studying forensic science make sure you do it right because evidence and samples from crime scenes will be in your possession.

Enjoy your day, best of luck in gaining admission into this course.

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